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The company Pasinelli and Cassai Sagl was born in February 2014 by union of A. Pasinelli Sagl (urban arboriculture) and Cassai Mirko Giardini (landscape architecture).

The two small companies collaborated together for a long time and decided to join their premises into a single warehouse located in Pregassona – Ligaino.

Aldo and Mirko considered the idea of ​​merging the two realities into a single and original one.

The challenge was tempting because it was the greenery that joined them, as one company handled large plants (urban arboriculture), while the other took care of maintenance and garden construction (landscape architecture).

This is how two similar sectors with different energies were born.

Cassai Mirko Giardini

The fascinating world of landscape architecture was born twenty two years after a professional experience from 1988 to 1996 as abaker-confectioner.

I immediately realized that the vital components that nature offered were essential sources of the raw materials of the previous professional adventure.

So I decided to go to gardening-landscape architecture school.

After completion of a great school experience, Mirko Cassai Giardini was born.

I had the help of numerous and very experienced friends, but one of them, Fausto Acerbis, I still thank and keep with respect and love all his great advices of entrepreneurship. Even the reality of the creator and examination expert was an essential step in my professional career. Nowadays I am taking a break in this area to be able to finish, hopefully successful, the Head Gardener Federal License School.

After nearly twenty years of individual experiences, the encounter with Aldo and desire to merge two similar realities was the union into the “Pasinelli and Cassai Sagl”.

The goal was to spread our perception of a profession which too many times was maltreated.

Therefore, the professionalism and perfection of techniques will be the main idea and our business card.

Pasinelli Aldo Arboriculture

In the nineties, the passion for trees pushed me to immigrate to Britain, the country leader in modern arboriculture. I left Switzerland to move to London where, even though I worked my way up, I managed to become a qualified tree climber in a few years.

I frequented different courses, including one year of Arboriculture Studies at Merrist Wood College, one of the most eminent in the world.

In 2003, I returned to Switzerland where I founded my first arboriculture company, A. Pasinelli Sagl.

Many years of experience gained in Switzerland and abroad allow me to offer a full service of analysis, defense and care of ornamental plants of individuals and public bodies.

I stick to the quality of human and trees life. The trees in our parks, on the streets or just in our gardens are more and more regarded as an essential element of our cities, helping us to improve the quality of life in urban centers.

Today at the Pasinelli and Cassai we strive to promote and practice an approach to ornamental arboriculture in line with biological laws governing the life of trees and ecology.