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The know-how expertise is nothing more than a tool to rationally manage group of trees or isolated trees in order to plan maintenance work based on concrete concepts.

The methods being used cover:

  • VTA (Visual Tree Assessment): visual analysis of the tree by Prof. C. Mattheck
  • ITD: Integrated Tree Diagnostics by engineer William Moore
  • ATA: Analysis of the Tree Architecture by engineer. C. Drénou.

If necessary, deeper and more sophisticated investigations can be performed to confirm the results of the mentioned analyses, allowing us to obtain extremely accurate diagnostic results.

The tools being used are:

  • F 400 resistograph: measures resistance to penetration, determining the quality of the wood
  • PiCUS tomograph: the “X-ray” of the tree’s interior which measures penetration speed of the sound waves
  • Traction test: the expansion and compression of the wood are measured at the bottom of the tree by inflicting traction on the log using a winch, which determines with precise parameters if the plant is sufficiently attached to the ground.

The experience accumulated over the years and accurate assessments of all parameters allow us to make a precise relationship between health condition and stability of the examined tree.


In order to obtain extremely precise diagnostic results, we have equipped ourselves with a state-of-the-art instrument capable of making an “X-ray” of the inside of the trunk by measuring the penetration rate of sound waves, the Picus sonic tomograph. This method is practically non-invasive, it investigates the internal tissues of the trunk without damaging them.

The system consists of a modular chain of sensors (from a minimum of 8 to a minimum of 24) arranged along the circumference of the trunk at a regular distance from each other, the transmission time of a sonic wave is measured. At the time of percussion, the sensor transmits a sonic pulse, which is measured simultaneously by all the other sensors in the chain. The process is repeated for each point of the same.

The instrument is ideal for monumental specimens and for smaller plants, just detach some sensors from the chain. The re-elaboration software will allow to take into consideration the real geometry of the investigated section and to trace the areas in which the internal tissues are damaged or if there is a cavity. You get a two-dimensional color tomogram, with the possibility of a 3D simulation.

The tomogram is an effective means of presenting to the client the existence and extent of the plant’s internal defects.

This is an excellent contribution for the technician who wants to get a detailed picture of the plant and an accurate diagnosis on its state of health.

Our work thanks to the tomograph has become more precise, faster and in total respect of the tree.