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At Pasinelli and Cassai we are particularly devoted to the ecological aspects and respect for the natural balance of trees and their ecosystem.

For this reason, we use the most modern techniques of tree climbing, which allows us to minimize the use of a bucket truck.

Moreover, in pruning operations we use almost exclusively high-cut hacksaws, avoiding the use of chainsaws as much as possible in order to reduce both noise and air pollution.

In addition to a high quality, all this provides a service without noise and pollution.


Despite the fact that over 200 million years the trees have developed surprising strategies and qualities, their balance is often endangered by humans’ action.

Drastic pruning weakens trees’ health by increasing management costs in the long run.

The Pasinelli and Cassai practices and promotes non-invasive pruning techniques: thinning out, lightening and removing dry branches is often sufficient and does not affect the balance of the tree, by which are avoided major long-term management costs.


It is widespread that the pruning can only be performed after leaves fall off. However, for most trees, the pruning provides excellent results.

Thanks to our non-invasive pruning techniques, and especially during the bird nesting season, we are able to operate during the entire year.


In case of unstable trees or branches at risk of breakage, we are able to intervene on safety by tying trunks or branches with specific polypropylene high-load resistance cables (2–8 tones).