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In order to preserve good health and beauty of parks and gardens, it is necessary to ensure a regular and focused maintenance of the greenery.

In addition to ordinary, we guarantee special focusing measures for a balanced and detailed realization of landscape desires.


Phytoprotection and care of all green surfaces, trees and shrubs are essential prerogatives of our work. The study and experience allow us to intervene and promote biological struggle, attracting interests of our customers for a better protection of the vegetation and respect of the ecosystem and pets.

With this aim, we work closely with competent bodies, institutions and companies specialized in the field. This way of thinking is a huge success among our customers, creating a synergistic relationship which strengthens over time. The effective naturalness brings more stability and security in living your own home landscape.

The concept we want to introduce to our landscapes is “biodiversity”, i.e. the symbiotic mechanism of plant and animal life that coexists in the biotope spaces.


Maintenance works are carried out by skilled operators trained for teamwork with the help of selected materials and advanced equipment. The team performs specific interventions after a careful analysis, meeting the needs of vegetative cycles.